any successfull ghc registerised builds on arm?

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at
Thu Jan 24 16:50:52 CET 2013

Somebody claiming to be Nathan Hüsken wrote:
>On 01/24/2013 04:28 PM, Stephen Paul Weber wrote:
>>>> Do you think it is specifically the 3.2 that made it work?
>>> Yes. With llvm version 3.1 I was only able to get an unregisterised
>>> build to work.
>> <>
>> ?
>Not exactly, see the patch here:
>and the changes to compiler/llvmGen/LlvmCodeGen/Ppr.hs

Oh, man, the fact that I don't have that setting for QNX is probably not 
doing me any favours...

How the heck am I supposed to figure out what that string should be? :(

That said... how did you get an unregisterised build to work with an LLVM 
backend?  Everything I've seen in the code implied that the moment you are 
unregisteried, it uses via-C...  Which is what my above patch is primarily 

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