Error building ghc on raspberry pi.

roconnor at roconnor at
Mon Jan 21 00:59:02 CET 2013

On Sun, 20 Jan 2013, Karel Gardas wrote:

> On 01/20/13 08:27 PM, roconnor at wrote:
>>> Looks like you do have corrupted settings file. Recover it by adding
>>> "HARD" following "armABI = ", so result should be:
>>> ArchARM {armISA = ARMv6, armISAExt = [VFPv2], armABI = HARD}"
>> Okay, I patched the settings filed generted by ./configure in the
>> binary-dist and rank make install which completed. However,
>> pi at raspberrypi /tmp/bindist $ bin/ghc --make Main.hs
>> [1 of 1] Compiling Main ( Main.hs, Main.o )
>> Linking Main ...
>> pi at raspberrypi /tmp/bindist $ ./Main
>> Segmentation fault
>> pi at raspberrypi /tmp/bindist $ cat Main.hs
>> main = putStrLn "Hello World."
>> Damn it. So close. I don't know how make install succeded without
>> segfaulting.
> Sigh! Go back to your build tree and try the same thing with 
> inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 and let us know if this works or not. BTW: What's in 
> Main.hs?

Main.hs is

main = putStrLn "Hello World."

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