Building ghc on raspberry pi.

Neil Davies semanticphilosopher at
Sun Jan 13 11:44:08 CET 2013

Sounds like we're close - I must admit I've slightly lost track of the things that need to be done.

Can we start collecting the pre-conditionds and steps, when each complete build takes best part of a day, its difficult to keep the context.

So - taking the ghc 7.4.1 that is part of raspian wheezy (pkg version 7.4.1-4+rpi1) which depends upon (amongst others) llvm-3.0 (pkg version 3.0-10), can we capture the changes?

Which version of LLVM is being used?

Which ghc source(s) are you starting from?

What files did you need to touch in the make process?  Please supply diffs

Anything else?


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