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Thu Feb 14 17:45:02 CET 2013


I made a little progress after crippling GHC.Fingerprint:

The package at
(Branch base-pure) builds and contains just these modules:

./Prelude.hs (contains just $!)

The crippling can be seen here:

So if there were a magic way of getting a working GHC.Fingerprint module
without pulling in Foreign, this would be a good start for a base free
of any trace of
 * Foreign
 * IO
 * Floating point arithmetic
 * Read
 * ST
 * Array

Alternative, a magic way of providing the functions error and
divZeroError without having to define Exceptions would do well.

I guess it is not possible to define the "data ErrorCall" without the
Exception class and somehow call the primop raise# in a way that the
error can be caught, as catch will expect something of type
"SomeException" that has the Exception dictionary bundled.

Any idea how to achieve that, without having resort to ghc-bottom as
suggested by Ian (which would be ok, but not as nice as genuine small
packages to start with)?


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