GHC 7.8 release?

Jacques Carette carette at
Tue Feb 12 03:31:51 CET 2013

Let me strongly support Gaby's many points.

Simon has it right: we need a way to support 'users' in a stable way, 
without adding enormous inertia to the development of GHC.  I has lived 
through the slow death of a system from being rapidly innovative to 
having 'innovations' which exist only because a marketer says that the 
raft of boring, incremental improvements in each new release are 
innovative  on some What's New blurb.

Haskell is extremely useful, and GHC's flavour of Haskell is quite 
exciting because of the continual evolution of the language.  Please 
don't kill the excitement!

The Platform does seem to be an ideal mechanism to provide stability for 
users who value stability over bleeding-edge.  But for that to be 
successful, there are to be strong community commitment [especially from 
library maintainers] to tracking that evolution. If the social 
mechanisms are not strong enough to fully support the Platform, I would 
say that that is the most important thing to fix.


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