GHC 7.8 release?

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> I have some experience with GCC releases -- having served as a GCC
> Release Manager for several years. In fact, the release scheme we currently
> have has gone through several iterations -- usually after many
> "existential"
> crisis.  Yes, we don't break GCC ABI lightly, mostly because GCC isn't
> a research compiler and most "research works" are done on forgotten
> branches
> that nobody cares about anymore.  Implementing new standards (e.g. moving
> from C++03 to C++11 that has several mandated API and ABI breakage) is a
> royal pain that isn't worth replicating in GHC -- at least if you want
> GHC to remain a research compiler.
> Concerning your question about release number, I would venture that there
> is a certain "marketing" aspect to it.  I can tell you that we, the
> GCC community,
> are very poor at that -- otherwise, we would have been at version 26
> or something :-)

Thanks for sharing! My perspective is of course as a user. I don't think
I've ever run into a case where the compiler broken a previous work e.g.
C++ program. On the other hand I have to make a release of most of the
libraries I maintain with every GHC release (to bump cabal version
constraints to accept the new base version, if nothing else).

-- Johan
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