GHC 7.8 release?

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Mon Feb 11 09:46:35 CET 2013


one remedy to the problem could be better infrastructure: 
      * More automated test-building of packages on hackage (including
        test suites) with various GHC releases, and better display of
        the results. This way, library authors would not have to
        manually build their library to see if they work with the latest
      * Automatic test building of packages with explicit relaxation of
        the dependencies, to suggest dependency relaxation that would
        work without code changes (from my work at Debian, in most cases
        only meta-data changes are required to support newer versions of
        dependencies, including core libs).
      * A more liberal attitude to changing other peoples packages’s
        metadata to fix the dependencies – either to exclude broken
        combinations or to expand the range. Preferably online, similar
        to the edit button in github, and checked by the above CI

This way, it would be easier for libraries to support newer GHC releases
without having to give up supporting older releases.

But I know that development of Hackage is not something that seems to be
happening a lot right now, and as I don’t help, I’m not complaining. So
consider this a side notice and carry on discussing :-)


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