GHC 7.8 release?

Tim Watson watson.timothy at
Fri Feb 8 13:23:03 CET 2013

Hi Bryan,

On 8 Feb 2013, at 11:53, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 1:29 AM, Tim Watson <watson.timothy at> wrote:
> Likewise, I'm in the process of setting up Elastic Bamboo on EC2 for Cloud Haskell and would be very interested in seeing how you've dealt with multiple versions of GHC.
> It's easy to parameterize builds in Jenkins based on different values of an environment variable, so Johan and I just have different versions of GHC installed side by side, and then set $GHC_VERSION to "7.6 7.4 7.2 7.0 6.12" (or whatever), put /usr/local/$GHC_VERSION/bin at the front of $PATH, and the right thing happens.

Ok cool, that's pretty much what I had in mind but I wasn't sure about installing dependencies and using cabal-install. In my development environment I quickly found that installing multiple GHCs and haskell-platform releases got a bit messy, so I was wondering if there was a recognised 'best way' to do this. I'll probably replicate what I've done with other things (such as Erlang) and manage it with ${PREFIX}/ghc/versions/... and symlink ${PREFIX}/ghc/current/... to avoid the path switching. Hopefully telling cabal-install to use ${PREFIX}/ghc/current/lib will 'just work' when installing dependencies as I switch between ghc versions.


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