Does GHC on cygwin have an I/O manager?

kudah kudahkukarek at
Mon Apr 8 13:19:10 CEST 2013

On Mon, 8 Apr 2013 11:37:23 +0100 Ian Lynagh <ian at> wrote:

> I don't think anyone's tried.

I've tried, nothing coherent came out. The build system doesn't seem
quite aware of cross-compiling, e.g. sometimes mingw32_HOST_OS was
declared and sometimes it wasn't, unix package was build instead of
Win32 and RTS was build for posix threads, I replaced some of it with
stubs to get it to compile. Quite incoherently, it tried to compile
hsc2hs on stage0 for linux, for windows and link it with windows
libraries and then run it on linux. time package featured some
non-cross-friendly hsc directives. hsc2hs failed to process Win32 at
some point. Anyway, I've got base to compile, but stage1 won't produce
any executables, only manifests.

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