Status of stack trace work

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Thu Nov 8 06:43:59 CET 2012


I can't wait until we have some for of stack traces in GHC. What's the
current status? Did the semantics you presented at HIW12 work out? Even
though the full bells and whistles of full stack traces is something I'd
really like to see, even their more impoverished cousins, the lexical stack
trace, would be helpful in tracking down just which call to head gave rise
to a "head: empty" list error.

Once we do have some sort of stack traces, could we have throw
automatically attach it to the exception, so we can get a printed stack
trace upon crash? Is that how e.g. Java deals with that? Will that make
other uses of exceptions (such as throwing async exceptions to kill
threads) get much more expensive if we try to attach stack traces? A
frequent user of async exceptions are web servers that start a timeout call
per request.

-- Johan
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