profiling and backtracing blues

Ranjit Jhala jhala at
Thu Mar 15 19:30:25 CET 2012

Dear Simon,

Thanks for clarifying this!

> the only way to get to hscCompileCoreExpr is by compiling a module that contains
> some Template Haskell or quasiquotes.  Could that be the case?  

Looks like this is may indeed be the case. The module that is getting compiled (via the chain)

       	mod_guts <- coreModule `fmap` (desugarModule =<< typecheckModule =<< parseModule modSummary)

contains an import 

	import MyModule

which looks like this:

	module MyModule where 
	{-# ANN crash "forall a . x:{v:Bool | (? v)} -> a" #-} 
	crash :: Bool -> a 
	crash b = undefined 

I'm guessing the ANN is to blame, i.e. it tickles the TH/QQ machinery?
(Commenting the ANN line out causes the thing to work just fine...)



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