Bug with unicode characters in file names

Volker Wysk pf3 at volker-wysk.de
Tue Mar 13 18:06:49 CET 2012


This is some file "äöü.hs" with three German umlauts in the file name:

   main = putStrLn "äöü"

Now I want to get the dependendency information. Therefore I call:

   ghc -M äöü.hs

The following gets added to the Makefile:

   # DO NOT DELETE: Beginning of Haskell dependencies
   äöü.o : äöü.hs
   # DO NOT DELETE: End of Haskell dependencies

The umlauts get transformed from three UTF-8 encoded characters (six bytes) to 
six UTF-8 encoded characters (twelve bytes).

I'm sending this to glasgow-haskell-users instead of glasgow-haskell-bugs, 
because the latter does not seem to accept my messages. I receive nothing, 
neither the message in the mailing list, nor any error message.


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