How to declare polymorphic instances for higher-kinded types?

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Mon Mar 5 10:14:19 CET 2012

Hello *,

For simple-kinded type variables, instances of the type
    instance NFData a => NFData [a]
    instance NFData a => NFData (Maybe a)
    instance (NFData a, NFData b) => NFData (a, b)
are common and can be defined effortless; now I wanted do something
similiar for a type with a phantom type parameter:
    {-# LANGUAGE KindSignatures, TypeSynonymInstances #-}
    import Control.Applicative
    import Control.Monad
    data DataBase = DataBase -- specific type not relevant here
    data Res
    data Unres
    -- provides operation to transform an unresolved `Foo_ Unres` to a resolved `Foo_ Res`
    class Resolvable (e :: * -> *) where
        resolve :: DataBase -> e Unres -> Either String (e Res)
    -- trivial /resolvable/ type
    data Foo_ r = Foo
    instance Resolvable Foo_ where
        resolve _ x = return Foo was no problem to define the polymorphic operations outside of
an instance:
    -- Maybe (polymorphic 0 or 1 element container)
    resolveMaybe :: Resolvable e => DataBase -> Maybe (e Unres) -> Either String (Maybe (e Res))
    resolveMaybe db (Just x) = Just <$> resolve db x
    resolveMaybe db Nothing  = pure Nothing
    -- Pairs
    resolvePair :: (Resolvable e0, Resolvable e1)
                => DataBase -> (e0 Unres, e1 Unres) -> Either String (e0 Res, e1 Res)
    resolvePair db (x,y) = (,) <$> resolve db x <*> resolve db y
...but when I tried to wrap those into polymorphic instances in the style
of the instances at the beginning of this mail, I wasn't able to
convince GHC:
The following attempts wouldn't work:
    instance Resolvable e => Resolvable (Maybe e) where
        resolve = resolveMaybe
    -- GHC fails with:
    --  Expecting one more argument to `e'
    --  In the instance declaration for `Resolvable (Maybe e)'
Fair enough, but trying to workaround this by defining a type-synonym to
get an (*->*)-kinded expression didn't work either, as currying doesn't
seem to be supported at the type-level (is there a language-extension
for that?):
    type Maybe_ e r = Maybe (e r)
    instance Resolvable e => Resolvable (Maybe_ e) where
        resolve = resolveMaybe
    -- GHC fails with:
    --  Type synonym `Maybe_' should have 2 arguments, but has been given 1
    --  In the instance declaration for `Resolvable (Maybe_ e)'

So, am I really out of luck here, wanting to define polymorphic instances
in combination with phantom-types, or is there a trick I haven't thought
of yet?

PS: while experimenting, I accidentally triggered the following GHC

 *** Exception: compiler/rename/RnSource.lhs:429:14-81:
  Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern
    Data.Maybe.Just (inst_tyvars, _, SrcLoc.L _ cls, _)

...alas I lost the Haskell-code causing this; is this a known issue?
Should I try harder to reproduce it again?


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