Records in Haskell

AntC anthony_clayden at
Fri Mar 2 08:42:42 CET 2012

Isaac Dupree <ml <at>> writes:

>AntC (in an unrelated reply to Ian) :
>> I prefer DORF's sticking to conventional/well-understood H98 namespacing
>> controls.

> I'm not sure yet that DORF's namespacing is well-understood by 
anyone but you.

No of course I'm not saying DORF's namespacing is well-understood. I mean:

1. H98 namespacing controls are conventional and well understood.

2. DORF uses H98 controls and only them.

Re 2: Partly you'll just have to take my word for it, but mainly the 
implementors will have to prove it to themselves if DORF is ever going to see 
the light of day, so I'd be daft to claim something I didn't have good 
evidence for.

Also there's strong corroboration: there's a prototype implementation attached 
to the wiki. You can download it and compile it (one module importing the 
other), and run it and try to break the abstractions, and demonstrate sharing 
the fields that are sharable.

You can inspect the code to see if I've desugarred my syntax correctly, or 
introduced some trick. (If you see anything 'suspicious', please ask.)

In fact, doing all that would be a far better use of your time (and mine) than 
all that verbiage and word counting.


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