Call to arms: lambda-case is stuck and needs your help

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at
Tue Jul 10 13:38:18 CEST 2012

Am Dienstag, den 10.07.2012, 08:53 +0100 schrieb Simon Marlow:
> On 09/07/2012 17:32, Mikhail Vorozhtsov wrote:
> > Would you still expect tuples for \case if you didn't see the way
> > `case x, y of ...` was implemented (or thought that it is a
> > primitive construct)?
> Yes, I still think it's strange.  We don't separate arguments by
> commas anywhere else in the syntax; arguments are always separated by
> whitespace.

This is the point I wanted to make in my e-mail yesterday. Using a comma
here seems to be against established Haskell syntax conventions.

Best wishes,

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