ghc needs memory

John Meacham john at
Sat Jan 28 01:33:13 CET 2012

So... I knew that ghc was a memory hog.. but I am suddenly running
into it dying with messages like the following:

ghc: out of memory (requested 5997056753664 bytes)
make[1]: *** [jhc] Error 1

Before I go out and find a machine with 6 terrabytes of RAM, I figured
I'd post here first :)

now the strange thing is, this started happening at the same time for
both ghc 6.12.1 and 7.0.x (will report exact version  later) so
clearly something about my code is tickling ghc the wrong way. Though,
ghc 7.0.x is slightly better in that it requests only one and a half
terrabytes of ram :)

Hmm.. I will try to track down a smaller test case, or narrow down
what change caused it, but everything looks quite benign. I did
recently add NoMonomorphismRestriction, NoMonoLocalBinds, and
OverloadedStrings to my standard options, which is the only global
change across the board I can think of...


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