Error when building cabal package with template haskell configured for profiling

Bas van Dijk v.dijk.bas at
Fri Jan 27 15:06:01 CET 2012


I would like to profile a cabal package that contains template haskell
code. However I get the following error:

$ cabal configure --ghc-options="-O2 -prof -auto-all -caf-all"

$ cabal build
  Dynamic linking required, but this is a non-standard build (eg. prof).
  You need to build the program twice: once the normal way, and then
  in the desired way using -osuf to set the object file suffix.

What's the best way to solve this?

Currently I do a cabal build -v and copy the ghc --make ... command
line. Then I first build the program normally (without -prof) and then
build it with -prof and -osuf p_o like the error messages suggests.
This is annoying however.

Is there a ticket for this bug?


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