Records in Haskell

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Tue Jan 17 08:40:14 CET 2012

Yitz: very helpful.  Can you turn your proposal into a Wiki page?  It's different to Johan's.

Could you add examples?  I don't fully understand your design.

| [This has the additional advantage of giving SPJ
| motivation to remain engaged, because he seems
| to prefer B. :)]

True: but that's because I think that in the end A will be deemed too clumsy, so we'll end with B anyway. And I'd rather not do both.  But I'm quite open to persuasion!

| Proposal for A:
| When a module M.A is directly nested in module M, there is
| an implied import in the enclosing module M as follows:
| import qualified M.A as A

OK, so consider this:

	module M where
   	  module T where
	    data T = MkT { x :: Int }
	  module S where
	    data S = MkS { x :: Int }

So inside M I can refer to T.x and S.x.  Fine!  What does M export? The current rules say that it cannot export two things both called "x". So this program will be rejected.  But that is obviously not what you want.


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