Arrow Notation - Command combinators don't work with higher rank types? (GHC 7.4)

Ben Moseley ben_moseley at
Sun Jan 15 10:34:35 CET 2012

I have a quick question on the current (GHCi, version implementation of arrow notation.

Consider the code below:


{-# LANGUAGE Arrows,Rank2Types #-}

import Control.Arrow

-- cmdcomb :: Arrow a => (a (env,x) x) -> a (env,x) x
-- cmdcomb aegg = aegg

cmdcomb :: Arrow a => (forall x . a (env,x) x) -> a (env,x) x
cmdcomb aegg = aegg

myarr :: Arrow a => a (Int,Bool) Bool
myarr = proc (i,b) -> do
          (|cmdcomb (\g -> returnA -< g) |) 'x'
          -- (| (cmdcomb (arr snd)) |) 'x'
          returnA -< False


This code generates the error below (but using either of the commented sections instead gets it to typecheck):

    Couldn't match expected type `t0 t1 t2'
                with actual type `forall x. a0 (env0, x) x'
    Expected type: t0 t1 t2 -> a (a1, t4) t3
      Actual type: (forall x. a0 (env0, x) x) -> a0 (env0, x0) x0
    In the expression: cmdcomb
    In the expression:
      proc (i, b) -> do { (|cmdcomb ((\ g -> returnA -< g))|) 'x';
                          returnA -< False }
Failed, modules loaded: none.

Is this a bug or a limitation in the current implementation?


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