Composition operator [was: Re: Records in Haskell]

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Sat Jan 14 05:31:23 CET 2012

On Jan 12, 2012 9:18 PM, "Morten Brodersen" <
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> Unfortunately most unix/windows/tools/source
> controls/editors out there are Ascii only.

This is probably not true.  I'm among the most annoyed people at this
Unicode trend... but the problem is in text entry methods, and occasionally
display and fonts if you go completely insane.  Any text processing tool
that has trouble with utf8 these days is broken, plain and simple.

Sadly, convenient and general Unicode input is probably not a solvable
problem... and the human mental acumen to remember so many symbols and
their names or pronunciations will certainly remain unsolved for the
foreseeable future.  Anyone want to hazard a guess what percentage of
Haskell programmers can even name every letter of the Greek alphabet?  I'm
betting less than 10%.
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