Composition operator [was: Re: Records in Haskell]

Greg Weber greg at
Fri Jan 13 11:39:29 CET 2012

> Let me suggest that a simple non-nuclear alternative would be for people
> interested in Unicode symbols to use an editor that auto converts from
> Haskell Ascii to Haskell Unicode when loading and (of course) back again
> when saving. You can do that today. You can even pick your own Ascii
> from/to Unicode mapping. No need to argue about whether a symbol is
> prettier than another. All of this without forcing the rest of the
> (couldn't care less about record access syntax) Haskell community to have
> to deal with Unicode :-)
I tried this with an existing vim extension, but found it to be slightly
buggy. It seems much greater effort  to tell people to use a mapping - now
everyone must learn how to configure/program their editor, and this may be
impossible for some editors. I was under the impression that virtually
every code editor and viewer supports utf-8. If you want to do mappings, it
seems preferable to first use a new ASCII operator for composition, which
can still be mapped it to a unicode dot.
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