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Even if Unicode is not required, there is still a fallout. Let's look at 
a simple scenario:

Somebody uploads a nice useful Haskell module that include a number of 
Unicode symbols.

Unfortunately most unix/windows/tools/source controls/editors out there 
are Ascii only.

So people who wants to use the module now potentially need to convert 
the code to Ascii (and potentially back again) in order to use it with 
non-Unicode tools.

Yes it is *of course* doable but all of that just because of a 
*relatively" simple problem to do with how you access record fields? Really?

That is IMHO a clear example of shooting birds with nuclear rockets.

Let me suggest that a simple non-nuclear alternative would be for people 
interested in Unicode symbols to use an editor that auto converts from 
Haskell Ascii to Haskell Unicode when loading and (of course) back again 
when saving. You can do that today. You can even pick your own Ascii 
from/to Unicode mapping. No need to argue about whether a symbol is 
prettier than another. All of this without forcing the rest of the 
(couldn't care less about record access syntax) Haskell community to 
have to deal with Unicode :-)


On 13/01/12 14:43, Brandon Allbery wrote:
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>     Requiring unicode characters for the Haskell syntax to solve a
>     *relatively* simple problem is a bad bad idea.
> Nobody said anything about requiring it.
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