Composition operator [was: Re: Records in Haskell]

Evan Laforge qdunkan at
Fri Jan 13 00:57:13 CET 2012

> I also wish to note that I have never been a member of the "anything beyond
> plain ASCII is fundamental evil" set; if we're going to think that way, just
> go back to BAUDOT and punched cards.

Well, it's similar to the 80 columns debate.  You have to draw the
line somewhere.  It's not about fundamental evil vs. punch cards, but
rather n vs. n+1.  ASCII is a particularly well worn value of 'n'.

In the case of records, we're not really out of symbols, there is
still @, #, &, etc.  It's just that we like the look of a dot, and we
are out of dot lookalikes :)

For that matter we have a high'dot though it would mess up the "x' = f
x" convention.  But it has fine precedent in perl 4 if I'm remembering
correctly :)

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