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> way***.  If we use the proper Unicode operator ∘, then let's make a wiki
> page for all the common OSes/input methods, saying how to input it (aside
> from copy/paste).  Is there anything on the Web somewhere already?  Did
> Perl do this ( - I think they introduced some Unicode-based syntax)?
>  There's**haskellwiki/Unicode-symbols<>, which has some information (none of which let me write ∘ in an e-mail
> without using copy/paste).

Most platforms have some way to define new keys:  on Unix with X11 you can
use Xkb or xmodmap (the keysym for a Unicode character is the codepoint
expressed as a hex constant, so 0x2218 for ∘), and there are a handful of
Xkb editors out there; on OS X you can use keyboard substitutions (Language
& Text > Text) or use a program such as Ukelele to modify the keyboard
layout; I don't know specifics for Windows, but at its lowest level there
are registry tweaks and there should also be programs to do those tweaks in
people-comprehensible ways.

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