Records in Haskell

AntC anthony_clayden at
Tue Feb 28 11:57:12 CET 2012

J. Garrett Morris <jgmorris <at>> writes:

> Has x f has no semantic content besides type x having an f field; Ord
> has (at least in the programmer's mind, even if the language can't check
> it) meaning beyond the simple presence of a compare function.
>  /g

Note that under both SORF and DORF, there are three arguments to the `Has` 
class. The third is specifically to spec or constrain the type of the result.

A decl:

    data Rec a = Ord a => Rec{ flda :: a }


    flda :: (r{ flda :: a }, Ord a) => r -> a

Where the {...} in the constraint is sugar for the Has class. (DORF and SORF 
differ slightly in how that's implemented.)


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