ghci 7.4.1 no longer loading .o files?

Daniel Fischer at
Mon Feb 27 20:47:49 CET 2012

On Monday 27 February 2012, 18:56:47, Yitzchak Gale wrote:
> It's nice if there is a way for experts to load .o files
> in GHCi, e.g., for the rare case where the performance
> difference for some specific module is so great that you
> can't work effectively interactively in some other module
> that imports it.

Is that so rare? For me it's pretty standard that the core modules _have_ 
to be loaded as object files, interpreting them would make things orders of 
magnitude slower (100× - 1000×), they'd be unusably slow.

So in my opinion it's absolutely essential that modules can be loaded as 
object files.

> There could be something to set in .ghci
> for people who do like that behavior all the time,
> perhaps.

And that too, if it's no longer the default.

> But it should not be the default.

But with it not being the default, I could live well.

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