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Fri Feb 10 17:11:42 CET 2012


You are receiving this mail because you are the reporter, or on the CC
list, for one or more GHC tickets that are automatically having their
priority reduced due to our post-release ticket handling policy:

The list of tickets for which you are the reporter or on the CC list is
given below. If any of these are causing problems for you, please let us
know on glasgow-haskell-bugs at and we'll look at raising the

Better still, if you are able to make any progress on any of the tickets
yourself (whether that be actually fixing the bug, or just making it
easier for someone else to - for example, by making a small,
self-contained test-case), then that would be a great help. We at GHC HQ
have limited resources, so if anything is waiting for us to make
progress then it can be waiting a long time!

#2986 :info printing instances often isn't wanted:

The GHC Team

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