cabal-install use multiple config files?

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at
Mon Dec 10 00:49:52 CET 2012

Somebody claiming to be Roman Cheplyaka wrote:
>* Stephen Paul Weber <singpolyma at> [2012-12-09 21:20:34+0000]
>> I don't see a command-line switch to ask cabal-install to use a
>> different config file.
>There's a '--config-file' option, see 

Sweet!  I've got my environment working using this shell wrapper:


export PATH="$HOME/src/ghc/inplace:$PATH"

case "$1" in
		cabal --config-file="$HOME/.cabal-nto-qnx-i486/config" install --with-gcc=i486-pc-nto-qnx8.0.0-gcc --configure-option=--target=i486-pc-nto-qnx8.0.0 --configure-option=--build=i686-linux-gnu --configure-option=--host=i486-pc-nto-qnx8.0.0 --hsc2hs-option=--cross-safe --hsc2hs-option=--cross-compile "$@"
		cabal --config-file="$HOME/.cabal-nto-qnx-i486/config" "$@"

Can I move any/all of those switches into the config file?  None of them 
really seem to fit in the listed config options.

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