proposal: separate lists for ghc-cvs commits and ghc-dev chatter

Andrew Farmer afarmer at
Thu Dec 6 19:02:56 CET 2012

I'd also like to follow discussions, but unsubscribed from cvs-ghc due to
the volume.

Maybe the reply-to field on cvs-ghc emails could be set to
glasgow-haskell-bugs? (or whatever the agreed upon dev list is called)

Then if someone replies to a bot/commit message on cvs-ghc, it
automatically goes to the place where active discussion happens, and those
of us that don't want so many emails won't have to dig through cvs-ghc to
find the interesting bits.


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 11:48 AM, Sean Leather <leather at> wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 5:55 PM, Ian Lynagh wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 06, 2012 at 06:25:49PM +0200, Roman Cheplyaka wrote:
>> >
>> > +1. I'd like to follow GHC development discussions, but getting all the
>> > commits is too much.
>> I'm surprised by this, FWIW. I think skimming the commits is a good way
>> to get an idea of what's going on,
> Indeed, it can be. But I can't keep up with the huge number of commits
> everyday, and I'm not interested in the large majority of them.
> while discussions between developers
>> tend to be focussed on particular obscure points (e.g. discussing
>> correctness of a murky corner in the intersection between 2 new type
>> system extensions, or discussing the way PIC is handled on OSX/PowerPC)
>> which I wouldn't have thought were of much interest to any party not
>> involved in the discussion and familiar with the details.
> I find these things (both examples, actually) more interesting. I'm more
> likely to follow such threads than I am to skim the commits.
> Anyway, I'm not really too fussed about what mailing lists we have. I'll
>> just subscribe to them all anyway  :-)
> I'm not too fussed about it, either, but I wouldn't mind a restructuring.
> I might even subscribe to them all as well, but then it will be easier to
> follow the commits at a different pace from the rest (without having to
> create a new filter, which I've been so far too lazy to do).
> Regards,
> Sean
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