proposal: separate lists for ghc-cvs commits and ghc-dev chatter

Austin Seipp at
Thu Dec 6 04:21:04 CET 2012

I think we already mostly have this. The separation (remembering
something I read off Trac I think,) was something like:

 * cvs-ghc mailing list: Prospective patches, automatically generated
build/commit emails, etc.
 * glasgow-haskell-users mailing list: Developers and users of GHC
discussing issues of design, process, bugs or fielding questions et

Doing some counting: looking at my email (which is gmail,) I have the
last 100 most recent email *threads* open from cvs-ghc. The 100th
dates to Nov 30th. I count about ~7 instances of
non-build-or-commit-generated discussions in this timeframe (that is,
~7 email threads where the content wasn't just a build email, but a
follow up, or it was actually it's own thread.) Almost all of these
instances are related to patches or patches that were committed and
some talk happened about them. One (maybe two) were about build/test

In contrast, for glasgow-haskell-users, for the past 100 threads: the
100th thread dates to July 12th. However, the structure of all these
conversations is far, far more rich: just about every single thread
contains far more discussion, almost 100% of them containing at least
2-3 emails. Some go as far as 20-70 emails deep, and many have several
handfuls of responses. This is just for the past few months but I've
been subscribed to both for years, so I'd say that sounds about right.

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