Extending GHCi

Simon Hengel sol at typeful.net
Tue Dec 4 16:56:45 CET 2012

> Now I'm wondering whether the approaches I have in mind are sensible or if
> anyone can think of a better way to achieve my goals? Is there a way to extend
> GHCi without copying some of its source code? Is there a chance of having these
> features flow back into mainline GHCi once they are properly implemented?

I can't really help here.  But I'm interested in more powerful ways to
extend GHCi, too.  I'm mostly interested in things that will speedup
development (e.g. Hoogle tab-completion, integration of testing tools).

I think once we have a more powerful API to hook things into a running
GHCi, people will create useful things that you wouldn't have imagined


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