Dynamic libraries by default and GHC 7.8

kudah kudahkukarek at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 18:09:44 CET 2012

On Tue, 27 Nov 2012 20:15:59 +0000 Ian Lynagh <ian at well-typed.com>

> It will be easy to turn it off, but depending on the platform we might
> have removed support for GHCi when it's turned off.

Why not provide RTS linker as a deprecated option at least until it's
completely removed from all platforms? I mostly do static builds for
Linux/x86 and Win32, and the prospect of compiling twice as much,
possibly with a slower compiler, just to use ghci prompt(or even
Template Haskell(?)) is not exactly exciting. And introducing more
differences between Haskell on *nix and on Windows isn't going to make
cross-platform development easier.

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