Request for comments on proposal for literate programming using markdown

Philip Holzenspies pkfh at
Tue Aug 21 13:45:36 CEST 2012

On 14 Aug 2012, at 07:48, Simon Hengel wrote:
> Personally, still do not see the big benefit for all that work, and I'm
> still somewhat worried that a mechanism that is not used by default (I'm
> talking about unliting with an external command) may start to bit rot.
> But as long as you are commit to keep `-pgmL` intact, I'm ok ;).

A biggy that I had left out has just reoccurred to me. The very first reason for me to look at how unlitting and preprocessing is done in GHC was, because I was looking into what would be required for a refactoring engine (like haRe) to be based on the GHC API. Of course, at the moment, the API doesn't do anything with unlitting and preprocessing.

> I think in the end it's best to go with the solution that works best for

Still hoping to hear from them ;)


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