trouble building ghc-7.4 on Fedora 18 (devel) ARM

Jens Petersen juhp at
Tue Apr 24 12:50:07 CEST 2012

>    - debian/patches/armhf_llvm_abi: Pass -float-abi=hard to llc on armhf if
>      __ARM_PCS_VFP is defined (needs to be preprocessed for this)
>    - debian/rules: Define __ARM_PCS_VFP on armhf for the above patch.
> you might need to set __ARM_PCS_VFP. This is the code in debian/rules:

Thanks Joachim for catching this!

Hmm, perhaps I am being really stupid, but even after that
the build still fails in exactly the same way.  I am kind of stumped...

(the armv5tel seems to be ok so far afaict)


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