Windows build problems

Bill Tutt bill at
Fri Sep 16 17:32:07 CEST 2011

I'm thinking that I want to modify libraries/base/ to
implement this pseudo-code:

<Psedo code: if $WINDOWS <> "YES" or --with-iconv-libraries was specified then>:
FP_SEARCH_LIBS_PROTO(iconv,  <...>)
<else skip iconv checking with message>

That way the GHC binary on Windows doesn't grow a dependency on the
mingw iconv goo that would require followup changes in the rest of the
GHC source.
I have no desire to add mingw iconv support to GHC.

The above approach wouldn't necessarily need the
--with-iconv-libraries alternative, but it seems like the autoconfy
like thing to do. Thoughts?

I can try to come up with something, but my sh/autoconf foo is very
very low. I'd be glad to test a change if somebody could translate my
pseudo code for me that'd be awesome.

I'm not quite sure how to check the --with-iconv-libraries bit via
autoconf just yet.


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