ANNOUNCE: GHC version 7.2.1

Jens Petersen juhp at
Thu Sep 1 04:26:20 CEST 2011

On 19 August 2011 17:15, Jens Petersen <juhp at> wrote:
>> I have done a test build of 7.2.1 for Fedora [17]:

Since the test rpms are now gone from Koji and I don't think
I will start building 7.2 properly for Fedora until after ICFP
I have placed those rpms here for now:
if anyone is looking for them.  They should work
fine with F15 and F16 (untested but probably with F14 too).
(I forgot to archive the original src rpm for the build
but I believe the one I uploaded is essentially equivalent.)

Just note that the bootstrap test rpms don't have ABI hash metadata.
I haven't committed the packaging yet to fedora git either,
if there is interest I am happy to push it to a branch there.


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