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Sun Oct 23 10:51:38 CEST 2011

slightly.  --make loses handily at detecting than nothing need be done
:)  And as expected, modifying one file is all about the linking,
though it's odd how --make was faster.

> I like the idea! =A0And it should be possible to build this without modif=
> GHC at all, on top of the GHC API. =A0As you say, you'll need a server
> process, which accepts command lines, executes them, and sends back the
> results. =A0A local socket should be fine (and will work on both Unix and
> Windows).
> The server process can either do the compilation itself, or have several
> workers. =A0Unfortunately the workers would have to be separate processes=
> because the GHC API is single threaded.
> When a worker gets too large, just kill it and start a new one.

A benefit of real processes, I'm pretty confident all the memory will
be GCed after the whole process is killed :)

I'll start looking into the ghc api.  I have no experience with it,
but I assume I can look at what GhcMake.hs is doing and learn from

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