Two Proposals

Henrik Nilsson nhn at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Wed Oct 5 14:21:36 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Simon PJ wrote:

 > should we not treat
 >        [a,b,c]
 > as short for
 >        return a `mappend` return b `mappend` return c
 > [...]
 > I'm not sure if this plan would support [("fred",45), ("bill",22)] :: 
 > Map String Int.  Probably not.   Maybe that's a shortcoming... but
 > such Maps are a rather surprising use of list literals.

Maybe. But not more surprising than how, say, numeric literals
are used in many EDSLs.

I also like George's proposal.



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School of Computer Science
The University of Nottingham
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