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Edward Kmett ekmett at
Tue Nov 8 00:10:48 CET 2011

Ian said....

>    class Has (r :: *) (ft :: *) (f :: ft) (t :: *) where
> (where ft stands for field type)?

class Has (r :: *) (f :: ft) (t :: *) where

would be my understanding of how it would be phrased under the current
polymorphic kind system.

This could also solve the representation-hiding problem:
> foo.field would use the string "field" as the field name, as in the
> proposal on the wiki page.
> But foo.Field (capital first letter) would use the constructor Field
> that is in scope. If you don't want to export the field getter then
> capitalise the first letter and don't export the constructor.

I like it. Between that and using Proxy rather than type application
perhaps everyone can be made happy.

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