Records in Haskell

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at
Mon Nov 7 19:33:38 CET 2011

Am Montag, den 07.11.2011, 18:16 +0100 schrieb Claus Reinke:
> > I am unsure which of this list of proposals you are referring to. The 
> > URL you quote is this
> >
> That sounds familiar, I think I wrote that when I was younger;-)
> > but it doesn't seem to actually contain a design, merely some options 
> > for a design that is implicit.  
> Please note that this particular instance of FirstClassLabels was *not*
> about record systems themselves (already a hopeless mess of proposals
> and preferences back then), but about a feature that would help defining
> record systems *in the language*. 

Indeed. And I think it is important to make implementing new record
systems in the language easier. Each record system built into the
language might lack some features that someone wants. So it would be
good if one could come up with one’s own record system easily.

Best wishes,

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