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The major concern that I would have is that if GCL or any of those math
libraries uses GMP behind the scenes, which they probably do, then things
will just start crashing on you, because GHC hooks the GMP allocator and
will just start making the limbs of their numbers disappear.


On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:05 PM, Serge D. Mechveliani <mechvel at botik.ru>wrote:

> Dear GHC developers,
> There is a computer algebra library called DoCon and written in
> Haskell (+GHC).
> And I am considering the possibility to extend it with many new methods
> by joining some open libraries written in C, C++, and in
> Gnu Common Lisp (GCL).
> 1. I have seen somewhere the announcement of the C library for numbers,
>   algebraic numbers  by Lenstra and may be, others.
> Is it real to design its interface to a Haskell program (DoCon), may be,
> by using some tools from GHC ?  (which tools?)
> 2. There exists a great volum of math libraries written in Lisp-s,
>   in particular, in GCL.
>   I believe some of them have a free enough license.
> But how to interface to them?
> For example, is there possible an interpreter for GCL written in C ?
> If it is, then, may be, the GCL libraries can be interfaced by joining
> and applying this interpreter at the C data level?
> Also I have looked in the GCL page, and it was not clear where to ask
> about such GCL interpreter.
> I never tried these interface tricks and never looked into the Lisp
> design.
> Thank you in advance for your advice.
> -----------------
> Serge Mechveliani
> mechvel at botik.ru
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