Type of an HsExpr

Ranjit Jhala jhala at cs.ucsd.edu
Mon May 23 17:12:06 CEST 2011

Dear Sven,

> However for the other parameters, I use empty values:
> 3) emptyGlobalRdrEnv
> 4) emptyTypeEnv
> This actually works (at least for the simple cases I have tested).
> But it seems wrong to me to pass two empty environments.
> Can I somehow obtain valid environments?

(disclaimer: I am _very_ new to this!) You may be able to extract 
those fields from the "ModGuts"obtained by compiling the file that 
you are traversing.

> Another question: Why is dsExpr monadic?
> What side effects could there possibly be?

The desugaring process (of which dsExpr is a part) creates a 
bunch of distinct ("fresh") names. To do so it needs to tap 
into the Unique supply (see newUniqueId.) In addition, the 
DsM tracks some environments, source locations (getSrcSpanDs, 
putSrcSpanDs) etc...


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