GHC7 (on OSX.5)

Gregory Wright gwright at
Mon Mar 21 14:12:12 CET 2011

On 3/21/11 4:16 AM, Christian Maeder wrote:
> Am 20.03.2011 20:01, schrieb wren ng thornton:
>> So I'm having a go of installing ghc-7.0.2 and
>> haskell-platform-2011.2.0.0 on OSX 10.5. Since 10.5 is no longer
>> supported I've had to compile from source. The good news is, so far as I
>> can tell, everything works right out of the box.[1]
> [...]
>> [1]
>> OSX 10.5.8
>> arch x86_64 (though it calls itself i386)
> Does your ghc-7.0.2 create 32 or 64 bit Code? What does "ghc --info" say?
>> Xcode 3.1.2 (not that it matters)
>> gcc 4.0.1 (i686-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.0.1 Apple Inc. build 5490)
>> ghc 6.12.1 / hp 2010.1.0.0
> As far as I know there was no 64bit ghc-6.12.x for MacOS. Is it 
> possible to create a 64bit ghc starting with a 32Bit ghc? I don't 
> think so and always used ghc-6.10.4 from macports to create 64bit 
> binary-dists that have the suffix -x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.bz2 rather 
> than -i386-apple-darwin.tar.bz2 for 32bit compilers.

There was never a 64 bit 6.12.3 for OS X.  I tried for a while to patch 
to make a MacPorts release, but it became clear that there were many 
and that it would be better to contribute fixes to ghc to support O X 64 

7.0.2 is the first release that works (mostly) on OS X 64 bit.  It still 
fails significantly
more regression tests than on 64 bit linux (around 80 tests instead of 
around 10).
On the other hand we won't get the remaining bugs out without more people
trying it out.

I've started to work on updating the ghc portfile to 7.0.2.  There will 
be many fewer
patches, but there are still some questions about what to do (should 
support for
forcing a 32 bit build on a 64 bit platform be retained) and quite a bit 
of testing is
needed.  However, I need to upgrade my own development environment to
7.0.2, so I have some incentive to get the work done.

In the MacPorts version I may include my runtime linker debug patch, 
which won't
be available generally until 7.2.1.  If more linker problems are 
suspected, this
would give a complete view of what the linker was doing.


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