Data.ByteString.Lazy.ByteString vs Data.ByteString.Lazy.Internal.ByteString

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Mon Mar 14 11:33:08 CET 2011

Am 14.03.2011 06:26, schrieb C K Kashyap:
>     Looks like a job for Data.Binary.
>     > I'd like to use it with just the libraries that are part of the
>     platform
> I forgot to mention, Data.Binary does not seem to be in the platform.

Right, it is not in the platform, but I would recommend to install those
packages that you find useful (and vote for packages to be included into
later versions of the platform.)

Interestingly, there is a hidden package ghc-binary-, which
almost looks like binary-

Maybe ghc developers and platform maintainers could comment on any
differences. If there are none you could simple "ghc-pkg expose
ghc-binary". For future versions of ghc and the platform a single
ghc-binary or binary version would be better.

Cheers Christian

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