trac ticket spam

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Mon Jan 31 17:54:01 CET 2011

On 31/01/2011 16:45, Claus Reinke wrote:
>>> Is there any way to have a "moderate first comment by new submitter"
>>> policy for trac, to avoid the kind of ticket spam we have at the moment?
>>> They seem to have started commenting on existing tickets now (#4510),
>>> which could turn into a real mess really quickly, if the currently known
>>> spam accounts aren't blocked soon, btw.
>> We've deleted all the spam tickets and ticket changes. Ian blocked a
>> few IPs, and I've added some more patterns to the spam filter:
> Thanks!
> You've been using trac's spam filter for a while now, and these still
> got through. Also, I hadn't seen the commenting
> and "make random changes to fields" aspect before - it
> could be that someone is improving/testing trac spamming
> tools (as trac is in wide-spread use).
>  From checking the spam filter plugin description, and since
> spammers hardly ever make a useful contribution before
> posting spam, adopting the mailing list trick of moderating
> the first post for each new account might help a little (and
> might be easy to implement for a trac hacker).

If such a thing is already available as a plugin then we can drop it in, 
but otherwise it's unlikely - we don't really have the brain-cycles 
available for hacking Trac itself.


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