Release/git plans

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Thu Jan 20 16:48:54 CET 2011

As promised, here are our plans for forthcoming GHC releases and the git 

  - do a 7.0.2 RC as soon as possible, followed shortly by a release.
    Currently blocking this is a problem with Cabal that shows up on
    OS X 10.6, we hope to have this resolved soon.

  - switch the GHC repo to git (this is ready to go, we just need to
    flip the switch and do some work on the wiki build documentation)

  - switch the libraries and other repositories to git, once we have
    decided on the strategy (mirror or convert) for each one.

  - make a new stable branch for 7.2, and release 7.2.1 shortly after.

So we'll be doing a 7.2.1 release much earlier than planned.  Our 
motivation for doing this is:

  - the 7.0 branch is darcs, but the HEAD will be git, so the longer
    this situation persists the more difficult it is to merge changes.
    Hence we want to fork a new STABLE branch as soon as possible.

  - one of the fixes we need to make soon, to fix equality superclasses,
    is too large a change to put in the 7.0 branch.  We also have some
    pending changes to the internal representation of coercions that
    will be disruptive in HEAD, and will make future merging to 7.0

  - 7.0.2 should be a nice stable release, and HEAD is actually in
    pretty good shape right now too.

FYI, the git repo is now attached to our Trac instance, so you can 
browse the source tree and history here:

it's not terribly fast, but it works.  With git we'll be able to link 
directly to commits from tickets and vice-versa.  The GHC git repo that 
we'll be using is here:

(note different from the URL for the testing repo, although it's the 
same repo).  I'm mirroring this manually from the darcs repo, so it 
might lag a bit at times.


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