git repos for testing (was: Re: RFC: migrating to git)

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Thu Jan 13 16:03:47 CET 2011

I've made git mirrors of the current GHC HEAD repos (all of them), so 
people can try out their workflows with git.  Hopefully this should work:

   git clone
   cd ghc
   perl sync-all get

You have to use sync-all instead of darcs-all, but the syntax is the 
same.  e.g. to pull from upstream:

   perl sync-all pull

Local clones should work:

   git clone <local-ghc-repo>
   cd ghc
   perl sync-all get

and then a future 'perl sync-all pull' will pull fron the source, or you 
can pull from upstream with

   perl sync-all -r pull

The -r flag takes a remote or local repository, and works with 
push/pull/get, just like darcs-all.

Note that sync-all is not executable, which is why I used "perl 
sync-all" rather than ./sync-all.  You can chmod it, but the chmod will 
be seen as a local change by git which will get in the way of future 
pulls, and you'll need to stash or merge or rebase the change (welcome 
to git :-).

The mirroring is manual right now.  I might make it automatic, but it's 
not cheap (a few minutes CPU time each time it is invoked).

The GHC repo is missing a few tags, I'm currently trying to sort that out.

I haven't set up .gitignore yet, that's also on the todo list.


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