RFC: migrating to git

Heiko Studt studt at dps.uibk.ac.at
Mon Jan 10 17:16:21 CET 2011

Am 10.01.2011 14:02, schrieb Max Bolingbroke:

> 2) There was also concern that Git isn't so great on Windows. I have
> heard that this is less of an issue now, but I never personally
> suffered from any problems, so can't be sure. (FWIW I used Git on
> Windows industrially ~1 year ago for 3 months and didn't have
> problems, though the people around me occasionally had issues with
> e.g. case insensitivity causing obscure error messages).

We are using GIT for a (way smaller) C++ - project here, which is mostly 
Linux-based. Two of the developers (including me) were using Windows and 
VS for our part, while building the whole stuff (using the same sources) 
on Linux. The files were mounted via Samba.

The main issue are the line endings, which are to be set correctly. This 
is a mess in TortoiseGIT, though the problem merely was that we were 
using the source on both systems.

However, we do not exploit the full spectrum of tools and possibilities 
of GIT. Actually, I am unaware of many of its features...

I am not contributing on GHC and am not going to.


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