Generating IDE completions via GHC

Scott Michel at
Fri Jan 7 07:30:42 CET 2011

I'm a little stuck trying to generate context-sensitive completions for EclipseFP. For example, if the editor point is after "::" or "->", I'd like to offer all types currently visible, including those offered via the module's imports. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this via the GHC API, unless I emulate the compiler's operation (i.e. reading interface files, etc)

Am I missing something in the API? Basically, getting top-level names for a module (and it's import decls) helps, but there's no selectivity. Is there a way to interrogate a reader environment to do this?

Looking at Leksah's code, I'm not looking forward to reading and processing .hi files. And adding more complexity to (and more divergence from nominolo's) scion-server.


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