Adventures with threadDelay Mac OS X

Pavel Perikov perikov at
Sun Feb 13 20:27:29 CET 2011

hi list.

I tried to build myself 64-bit compiler under mac os x. I started with the distribution of 7.0.1 provided by Gregory Wright. It installed and worked fine but 7.0.1 has some known bugs so I moved on to later snapshots.

Unfortunately all the versions I tried had weird threadDelay behavior (64-bit, Mac OS X)

7.1.20110131 DEVELOPMENT - threadDelay returns immediately

STABLE branch, - threadDelay hangs forever

I tried searching trac quickly but did not found anything relevant. 

Is this a known problem?

just to add some fun - i noticed the problem because when working in agda Auto prover hanged instead of answering "No solution found (5s)" :)


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